Bmad Help and Mailing List Information

The Bmad Mailing Lists

Bmad has two mailing lists:
  1. The bmad-l mailing list is used to send information on Bmad developments (updates, news, etc.) to interested people. The volume of e-mail is small - Typically less than one a week.
  2. The bmad-devel-l mailing list is for programmers. This list is used to report code changes, bugs, etc. The volume of e-mail is typically less than once a week.

SLACK Workspace

There is a SLACK workspace for Bmad where people can post questions, bug reports, etc. To join, please send email to David Sagan (see below for address).

Bmad Troubleshooting Web Page

Report a Problem with Bmad

  • Report problem via the Bmad issue tracking system (requires GitHub login).
  • Contact David Sagan (dcs16 AT cornell.edu).
  • For CMake issues, send a problem or bug report to Attilio De Falco <service-classe AT cornell.edu>
  • Please provide the output of the following commands, in the SAME terminal session that the build fails:
    [ -z $DIST_F90 ] && type $ACC_SET_F_COMPILER || type $DIST_F90
    [ -z $DIST_F90 ] && $ACC_SET_F_COMPILER --version || $DIST_F90 --version
    type gcc
    gcc --version
    uname -a
    cat ~/.bashrc
    cat ~/.bash_profile
    cat ~/.profile

CLASSE ACC Mailing List

There is an ACC Code mailing list ( classe-acc-comp-l ) to which you can subscribe in order to stay up-to-date on the status of ACC Build System,Release rotations, and other important information. This is a low frequency mailing list (typically less than 1 email a week) and is mainly for information about the Lab computer system.

This is for reporting problems concerning the Lab computer system

CLASSE General Assistance

  • For Repository and build help, contact the ACC Code Librarians (cesrulib AT cornell.edu). The Librarians are:
    • Attilio De Falco
    • Mike Forster
    • Laurel Bartnik
    • David Sagan

General CLASSE Computer Information

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