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-- LipiGupta - 22 Jun 2018

RDT Analysis Project

This webpage will serve as a central location to find references regarding the RDT project, as it develops.

Current collaborators:
  • At University of Chicago: Lipi Gupta, Stas Baturin, Young-Kee Kim
  • At Cornell University: Ivan Bazarov, Michael Erhlichman, Jim Sethna
  • Yunhai Cai. Singularity and stability in a periodic system of particle accelerators. Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 21, 054002 – Published 23 May 2018 CaiPhysRevAccelBeams.21.054002.pdf
  • Johan Bengtsson. The Sextupole Scheme for the Swiss Light Source (SLS): An Analytic Approach. SLS Note, March 7 1997 sls0997-1.pdf
  • Johan Bengtsson and A. Streun. Robust Design Strategy of SLS-2. PSI. SLS2-BJ84-001.pdf
  • Yunhai Cai, Karl Bane, Robert Hettel, Yuri Nosochkov, Min-Heuy Wang, Michael Borland. PEP-X: An ultimate storage ring based on fourth-order geometric achromats. SLAC Pub YCai_PEPX_SLAC PUB.pdf
  • Yannis Papaphilippou. Chaos 24, 024412 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4884495
  • Original paper by Alex Dragt and John Finn on Lie series method 1.522868.pdf
  • A draft of a book by Alex Dragt. On of the best books on applied math in accelerator physics I've seen so far.
"Lie Methods for Nonlinear Dynamics with Applications to Accelerator Physics"
Useful Books:
  • V. Arnold. Ordinary Differential Equations
  • V. Arnold. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics.
Some papers on Double bend achromat:
Group Meetings:
  • August 24th, 2018
  • August 30th, 2018
Other Resources:
Resources by Andy Wolski on Non-Linear Beam Dynamics:
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