CBETA System Tests - Splitter Power Supply and Magnetic Field Checks

  • Responsible personnel: xxxxx
  • Date: February xx, 2019

Description of test

Confirm that all EPICS IOC names communicate with the defined hardware module.

Test Procedure

CBETA Electromagnet Commissioning Safety Protocol:

The following safety protocol must be followed during magnetic field measurements:

1. Anyone who has entered the radiation area to take measurements must have a film badge on their person at all times.

2. Measurements are only taken on a magnet when its terminals are covered and the power supply racks underneath the table are covered.

3. Others must be informed that measurements are taking place in a given region of the line.

4. Measurements are not taken remotely; someone is always immediately present when adjusting currents.

5. Everyone taking measurements on a magnet is aware of its terminal locations.

6. Magnets are disabled after taking measurements when possible; (note that the vertical correctors and the MS1QUA01 quadrupole cannot be disabled)

7. Set the excitation to zero in all magnets after measurements. By adhering to the following protocol, we hope to minimize the hazards presented by these high current, low voltage circuits.

Splitter line magnet polarity convention

For bipolar dipole magnets:
  • Horizontal: Positive current = beam to the outside of the ring
  • Vertical: Positive current = beam up
VerticalCorrector.png For bipolar quadrupole magnets:
  • Positive current = horizontal focussing
FocusingQuadrupole.png For unipolar magnets, magnetic field direction is determined by the lattice

Actual results

(02/xx/2019, name) As expected or explain what did not operate as expected
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Problems found

  • List any problems

Other notes

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