External Collaborator (EC)

An EC is from an institution that is not part of CBETA. They are at CBETA to perform CBETA driven research. Participation of ECs is coordinated by the PIs and scheduled by the PM. The EC could fill many of the roles above but would primarily be either the SC or SO during their visit.

A short visit by an EC would most likely be in the role of an SC, since they would not have time to become a SO. A longer visit of several weeks would be required to take on the role of an SO. Teams of ECs would be expected to provide people to fill multiple roles. It is expected that each EC would typically contribute several weeks of effort to the CBETA project. This time is considered the minimum to be trained and integrated into the CBETA operations without posing a drawback to operations.

EC may at times function in the role of TSE in situations where they bring pieces of equipment or instrumentation for testing, or they may support and contribute to the local TSE staff.

It is expected that ECs contribute sufficiently to be included in the author list of papers written on work performed during their visit.

-- KarlSmolenski - 29 Oct 2018
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