• Locate the password for the erpxbpm### root account. If you don't know it, ask Kirsten, John Dobbins, Scott, or Adam.
  • ssh root@erpxbpm001; type yes if it asks if you want to continue connecting, then give it the root password
  • Identify which erpxbpm### corresponds to the BPM you want to restart. If you were looking to restart IS1BPM02, for example

    root@erpxbpm001:~# grep IS1BPM02 /operations/cfes/*/setBpmName/


  • Type exit, then ssh into the erpxbpm### you've identified (in this example, erpxbpm023)
  • Type reboot and wait a few minutes

-- KirstenDeitrick - 28 Jan 2020
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