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Commissioning L2 Adam Barnik is the L2 for commissioning. While he is also one of the lead operators, as L2 he has the additional responsibility (a) of training o...
Lead Operator (LO) A lead operator is highly experienced at operating CBETA and is fully qualified for any CBETA operation. The lead operator has primary control ...
Main.acb20 07 Mar 2018 Laser Synchronization Find the DOOCS control screen * First open the JDDD interface to the laser synchronization * Either type ....
Main.AdamBartnik 26 Apr 2018
Main.JamesCrittenden 18 Jan 2020 Tuning at the beginning of the shift Open the strip tool files /home/erpopr/mlc/striptool_files/MLC_piezo_cntrl_vltg.stp and /h...
Observer – An observer does not participant in research or commissioning. They are welcome for networking reasons or to encourage them to become ECs in the future...
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Main.AdamBartnik 07 Mar 2018 Find the Gate Valve EDM Screen * From the main EDM window, choose "Vacuum" "Gate Valve Control" * The following window will ...
Ideas for Scripts * Orbit correction (Colwyn) * Twiss correction at EMS. (Adam, use GPT?) * Degaussing magnets * Cavity alignment * Magnet alignmen...
* Works with the Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager to provide overall direction for the project. * Is the primary project official and contact with NY...
Principle Investigators (PI) Provide high level scientific guidance and drive the physics program. PIs set the long term physics goals and approach at the project...
October 8th, 2019 PRE BEAM COMMISSIONING * SYSTEMS COMMISSIONING: * Splitter magnets (David Burke and Jim Crittenden): * Elytt magnets (David Bu...
NEW - 08 Oct 2019 - 15:16 by trbojevic
Main.RichardRyan 19 Sep 2016 * timeline_technical_160726.pdf: timeline_technical_160726.pdf
Run Coordinator (PM) Beyond the regular PM responsiobilities documented in CBETA's Project Management Plan, during commissioning the Cornell PM (just refered to a...
Main.JamesCrittenden 11 Jan 2020 Go to rack L0E.R803 in SSA area. Take picture of status of amplifiers on south face of rack. Cycle power on power strip accessib...
* Locate the password for the erpxbpm### root account. If you don't know it, ask Kirsten, John Dobbins, Scott, or Adam. * ssh root@erpxbpm001; type yes if it a...
NEW - 28 Jan 2020 - 15:18 by kd324
Main.JamesCrittenden 14 Jan 2020 Example: restart IS2SCR01: Log in to either erp34 or erp36 as epicsioc. cd l0e/cam ./restartIS2SCR01 Then hit ctrl a d
Scientific Coordinator (SC) Scientific Coordinators are assigned to each scientific problem under analysis. They lay out the scientific plan for the time allotted...
Support Operator (SO) The support operator is a partner and in safety terms the second person to the LO. Typically the SO will provide operational support to the ...
Make an Announcement on the PA * "We would like to secure the CBETA area. Questions or objections, line XXX" * Repeat once, wait briefly. * Call CHESS an...
The simGUI interface to GPT simGUI is the result of many years of development towards a user friendly GUI to interact with GPT and other (Astra, BMAD...) simulati...
Main.AdamBartnik 07 Mar 2018 Find the Klystron (SLAC) power supply EPICS screen * Choose "RF Operations" "RF/Klystron Control" : * Choose "Klystron ...
To move BLMs around: * cd /nfs/cbeta/hw/epics/ioc/BLM_CsI/iocBoot/iocBLM_CsI * edit the *.cmd files * Change the target, channel, and device id to ...
NEW - 03 Feb 2020 - 17:08 by kd324
Dejan's Splitter Optics Layouts The nominal optics and layout of each of the 8 splitter lines are shown in the images below.
NEW - 03 Dec 2019 - 16:11 by StephenBrooks
Setting up a splitter (which I just tried to do, so my memory is fresh) goes like this: 1 Somehow manage to get the beam to the screen at the end. 1 ...
NEW - 02 Nov 2019 - 00:09 by StephenBrooks
Main.AdamBartnik 07 Mar 2018 Startup Procedures 1. Begin Elog entry 1. Run "Start Timers" script. If filament is off, select Warmup On on Klystron Ready Ch...
Technical Support Expert (TSE) Technical experts on CBETA subsystem that may be required in the control room, but who are not directly running the accelerator. Fo...
{ cellspacing="0" style="border collapse: collapse; width: 75px; font size: 0.9em; border: 0.5px solid black; background color: white; margin: .2em 0 0 0;" ! ...
Safety Procedures * Safety Layout (Picture with reset / lightbeam / e stop locations) * Search and Secure * Interlock Checkout Operation Procedures *...
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Main.JamesCrittenden 19 Jan 2020 If the ICM buncher IOT has not been turned on, the buncher will not go to 35 kV and cav_loop. Go to EDM page RF Operations/Bunche...
Main.AdamBartnik 07 Mar 2018 Find the buncher IOT screen * From the main EDM window, choose "RF Operations" "Buncher" : : : Turning on the IOT...
Main.AdamBartnik 07 Mar 2018 Find the laser power control screen * From the main EDM screen, choose "Laser" and "Laser Power" : * A screen will open up...
Viewscreens Both the viewscreens for the beam and the cameras to monitor the laser all follow the same strategy. 1. Viewscreen is inserted via an EPICS command...
Visitor – Being a visitor is a status at CLASSE that one obtains by stisfying several saftey and training requirenments. Main.KarlSmolenski 29 Oct 2018
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The primary project goal is to provide 4 pass acceleration of 1 mA beam to 150 MeV, then decelerate in 4 passes and dump. The energies are defined as follows: ...
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" warn="off"}% * ** * * * * * * * *
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* .WikiGuest * .WikiGuest example #64; * .RobMichnoff: CBETA FFAG Magnets and Girders Instrumentation
CBETA Web Preferences Appearance * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #efefef * web specific background color, current color * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * set to of...
" else="CLASSE Wiki's CBETA web"}% /CBETA
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Statistics for CBETA Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: ...
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