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Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source

Doc#: SOP-OPS-002

Procedure: Making Purchases at CHESS

Prepared by: KM

Rev.: 4

Date Revised: 02/14/15

Date Effective:02/14/15

Date Expires:02/14/16

Approved by:*
To purchase supplies or equipment to be used at CHESS
*Materials and Equipment Needed
  1. Computer with internet access
  2. Net ID
  3. Purchasing Card (in some cases)
  4. Clipboard with CLASSE Stockroom Sign-Out sheet (in some cases)
  1. None
Stockroom Purchases
  1. Gather the items you need to purchase from one of the CHESS Stockrooms
    1. The stockroom is located in the trailer at the end of the loading dock. You will need your Cornell ID card to unlock the door.
  2. Each item has a three to five digit stock number associated with it. Write down or remember the stock number of each item as you shop.
  3. Bring your purchases to the checkout computer (there is one in each stockroom)
    1. Type your NET ID in the Enter User Name (NET ID) box, and click Continue
    2. Choose the account the purchase will be charged to in the drop down box next to Enter WBS/Acct Code
      1. Purchases made for general CHESS operations are charged to the account Chess-Genl Ops.
    3. Enter the stock number of one of the items you are purchasing
    4. Enter the quantity of that item you are purchasing
    5. Click Add
    6. If you are purchasing more than one item, continue to repeat steps 3c – 3e until all of your items are added to the list.
    7. Click Checkout. A screen saying Checkout Complete should appear.
      1. If you want to print a receipt, click Print this page and choose the printer you would like to send it to.
      2. If you do not need a receipt, click Home at the top of the page
Stockroom Purchases for Users
  1. Gather items needed from stockroom. Note the stock number of each item.
  2. Fill out the CLASSE Stockroom Sign-Out sheet (located next to the checkout computer in each stockroom)
    1. Fill in the date, User’s name, CHESS proposal number, stock item number, a short description of the item, and quantity purchased
  1. Cornell uses an online buying system called e-SHOP to make purchases from a number of outside vendors. The vendors listed on e-SHOP have made special online catalogs for Cornell University that provide us with discounts. It is less expensive to process an e-SHOP order than it is to process a purchase order or a credit card purchase. For these reasons, it is recommended that purchases be made on e-SHOP whenever possible.
  2. Link to e-SHOP:
  3. Individuals who wish to make purchases on e-SHOP will need to get the rights to access the page as well as complete an on-line tutorial. See Chris Conolly for e-SHOP privileges.
Purchase Orders/Requisition Forms
  1. Fill out a requisition form to purchase items from a vendor that is not listed on e-SHOP
    1. See form F-OPS-001 for a blank requisition form
  2. E-mail the completed form to
    1. Also include in the e-mail a quote or any information you have from the vendor that may be useful.
Purchasing Cards
  1. If it is necessary to frequently make small (less than $500) purchases from vendors not listed on e-SHOP, you may be eligible to receive a P-Card (a Cornell credit card).
  2. See Chris Conolly for P-Card privileges.
  3. NOTE: You must submit a copy of the packing slip for any packages not puchased from E-Shop. Include your name, the date, the account the purchase was for and the buisness pupose of the items puchased. You can ndo nthis using the e-mail form or by dropping the invoiuce nin the box in the CHESS OPS area.
Revision History
Rev. 1 – Initial document 5/18/12 KM
Rev. 2 – Changed procedure for stockroom purchases after new web-based system was put into place 5/23/12 KM
Rev. 3 – Added information about User purchases from the stockroom. Added header and page numbers. Changed title to “Making Purchases at CHESS” 3/11/13 KM
Rev. 4 – Changed location of stockrooms.

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