Using Remote Desktop Servers at CLASSE

There are several Remote Desktop Servers (RDS) or Terminal Servers(TS) at CLASSE running different software. To access each, replace {servername} in the commands below with the actual name in the links below. Under each servername is a selected list of software available on the RDS of general interest to CLASSE users. There may be additional utilities not listed here.

On Windows

  • CLASSE-managed Windows systems only.
  • Click on the start menu (the far left icon in your lower taskbar), type "Remote" and click on "Remote Desktop Connection". Or, use the Search button instead of the Windows button.
  • Then type in {servername} or select {servername} in the popup.

On Mac

Run Microsoft Remote Desktop
Detailed instructions: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/clients/remote-desktop-mac
If you need to have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed or updated, please submit a service request

On Linux

Open a terminal and type:
rdp {servername}
Then enter your CLASSE ID password.

NOTE: Screen size set to 90% of TOTAL monitor(s) area. This can be adjusted by providing any reasonable value. For example, to use 50%, type:
 winapp2 -g 50

For a Linux machine not managed by CLASSE: rdesktop does not work. Use freerdp. E.g.:
xfreerdp /size:1280x1024 /u:username /v:{servername}.classe.cornell.edu

WinApp2 (New Nov-05-2018)

WinApp2 is a new Server 2016 OS with updated software that is regularily used at CLASSE. For WinApp2 we are currently only supporting the "Full Desktop" use case.
  • Servername = winapp2

Software Available on WinApp2

Microsoft Office 2016

  • Word
  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint

Project Standard 2013 (3 concurrent users)

  • When Project 2013 starts, it'll prompt you to download updates. Select "Ask me Later".

Visio 2016 Standard (1 Concurrent user)

AD Group Manager

  • Note: This is for users who have been set to manage an AD security group. It will not show any options if you are not a Group Manager.

Adobe Products (Creative Cloud)

NOTE: Adobe Products now require CIT to approve a "Named User License". If you already have a Creative Cloud account, you can log in and use the software.
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator


chswana01 is a windows analysis and specialist software terminal server providing access to programs that are legacy or resource intensive and are not appropriate for WinApp2.
  • Servername = chswana01

Software Available on chswana01

Cadence 16.2 (Layout)

This is for accessing legacy Cadence / Layout files.


rslogixapp is for RSLogix users for 500 and 5000.
  • Servername = rslogixapp

Software Available on rslogixapp

RSLogix 5000

RSLogix 500

There are limited licenses available


  • Only one user can use RSLinx at a time
  • There is an icon on the desktop to "grab" RSLinx if another user left it running under their account.
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