CLASSE is currently using a local ELOG server from PSI (https://elog.psi.ch/elog/) for our electronic logbook needs.

https://www.classe.cornell.edu/elog/ is the main CLASSE ELOG, and https://cesrwww.lepp.cornell.edu/logs/ is a dedicated CESR ELOG server. Please open a ServiceRequest for help creating a new logbook.

Posting messages

There are four options or posting messages to ELOG.

web interface
  • browse to your desired logbook, and click on "New"
command line utility
  • The command line utility can be found on linux at /nfs/opt/elog/bin/elog, with man pages in /nfs/opt/elog/man
  • We have written a custom email -> ELOG gateway that allows you to post messages using email. Each logbook has an email address dedicated for that logbook.
    • You can send a new message to the email address to start a new thread.
    • You can reply to messages received from that logbook. If you include the message you are replying to in the body of your message, the reply will be threaded appropriately as a response to the initial message.
  • The body of a new message will only include the text/html portion of a MIME message if it's available.
  • Attachments work, although we remove spaces and add a random identifier (to avoid collisions) to each filename.
  • the Author field is derived using the From address of the email.
  • the subject field is derived using the Subject of the email.
  • We also wrote a custom print -> ELOG gateway. Where requested, we've created ELOG_LOGBOOK print queues. Anything printed to that queue will be turned into a pdf attachment to a new logbook entry.

Subscribing to logbooks

To receive an email notification of new logbook entries.
  1. Log into your desired ELOG server.
  2. Click on Config.
  3. Check the logbooks you would like to subscribe to.
  4. Click on Save.

As an alternative to using the logbook’s list of subscribers, a logbook administrator can also maintain their own notification list. This is largely a question of preference and how much control you want over who receives notifications.


Each logbook has their own list of administrators who can administer and configure that logbook.

When viewing a logbook, an Admin can click on “Config” to enter the Config interface. From there:
  • the “Select user:” drop-down menu will show you a list of everyone who’s registered. If you select a user, you can then view and change whether or not they’re subscribed to your logbook.
  • the "Change config file" button will let you change the configuration of your logbook

The configuration options and syntax are described here: https://elog.psi.ch/elog/config.html

Please open a ServiceRequest if you have any questions, would like anything changed, or would like assistance implementing anything.

CLASSE - www.classe.cornell.edu/elog/


The CLASSE ELOG Servers requires you to “Register as new user” for the first time. Please keep in mind that “Login name” must be your CLASSE username.

After you have registered for the first time, CLASSE ELOG administrators will be notified to approve your registration. After your registration has been approved, you can log in with your CLASSE username and password.

Autosaving, and viewing edited messages

By default, any changes will be autosaved every 10 seconds. In addition, you can click on "Save" to save your changes without submitting and leaving the editing page. This ensures that changes you've made will not be lost, even if your browser crashes or you accidentally close that browser window.

When a message is saved but not submitted, it will not appear in the list of entries for that logbook. For example, if someone starts or edits an entry, it will not appear in the list until it is submitted. However, you can still view this (or any) entry by manually appending the message number to the URL for your logbook. For example, to view entry number "4866" in the demo logbook regardless of whether or not it appears in the list, you could manually browse to https://www.classe.cornell.edu/elog/demo/4866 .

CESR - cesrwww.lepp.cornell.edu/logs/


The CESR ELOG Servers requires you to “Register as new user” for the first time. Please keep the following in mind:
  • “Login name” must be your CLASSE username
  • You must enter a password (twice), but it will never be used. Every time you login after registering, you will use your CLASSE username and password.

After you have registered for the first time, CESR ELOG administrators will be notified to approve your registration.
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