CLASSE User Disk

All CLASSE computer users are given a folder with a 10GB quota on our User filesystem. This filesystem is on a Linux RAID file server. It is available from Windows at \\samba\user (previously known as the "Z Drive") and from Linux (and unix) at /nfs/user. By default, any files placed in your directory (for example, \\samba\user\dab66\ (/nfs/user/dab66/)) will be readable by anyone in the lab, but only writable by you. Anything placed in the top-level "private" subfolder (for example, \\samba\user\dab66\private\ (/nfs/user/dab66/private/) will only be readable or writable by you.

In general, any files that need to be writable by other users should be placed in an appropriate project or group filesystem, not the User filesystem.

Please read this page for further instructions, and contact the Computer Group for help changing the default permissions or locating an appropriate project or group filesystem.

For instructions on changing permissions, please see Permissions
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