CLEOc Data Path Specification

The following elements were considered for inclusion in the data path spec:

  • Experiment: CLEO3, CLEOc
  • Source: detector (daq), MC
  • Kinds of event data: raw, reconstructed, correction, calibration
  • Event Classification/Clustering: QCD, QED, Cosmic, Junk
  • Object Clustering: analysis (hot), detector study (warm, cold)
  • Identification: run number, MC unique ID, version

The finalized path spec:

/cleo/{detector,simulated}/{event,calibration}/{daq,pass2_version}/ 123400/123456/[specific_version_path]*/{data,index,...}

Raw data does not have a specific version path, post-pass2 output may have several levels of specific version path matching the derivation of the data. pass2_version is the software release used for pass2 reconstruction. The data subdirectory is for data, index for EventStore key and location files.

Example paths:

  • /cleo/detector/event/daq/206700/206747/r206747.bin
  • /cleo/detector/event/20041104_P2/201300/201350/P2-20041123-20041104_P2-data32_vs9/r201350.pds

-- DanRiley - 27 Jan 2005
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