Supporting Documents

Papers and Presentations on the CesrTA Concept

  • Talk presented at PAC07
  • Paper submitted to PAC07
  • Paper submitted to EPAC06
  • Joint CesrTA Proposal to NSF and DOE

Support Letters for the CesrTA Proposal

ILC Damping Rings Information

Baseline Configuration

S3 Task Force

  • Report from the ILC R&D Board S3 Task Force on CesrTA

Student Research

  • Cornell University Dissertation by Jeremy Urban
  • 2006 Research Experience for Undergraduates Report by James Shanks (MSU, now a Cornell graduate student)
  • 2007 University of Minnesota Senior Thesis by Michael Ehrlichman (now a Cornell graduate student)

CESR Optics Correction Tools

Beam Instrumentation

Multibunch Hardware

BPM System

Beam Profile Monitors

Streak Camera

Electron Cloud Studies

Wigglers for the ILC

UCLC Projects

Damping Ring Studies

X-ray Beam Profile Monitor Development

Fast Kicker Studies

CesrTA Design Studies