Mini-Workshop on the CesrTA Electron Cloud R&D Program for Linear Collider Damping Rings

June 25 and 26, 2009
Cornell University

The CTA09 mini-workshop will focus on the CesrTA experimental program which is currently underway at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring. The workshop will be hosted by Cornell University's Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics and will be held at Cornell's ILR Conference Center.

The principal goal of this meeting is to review and refine the plans for the CesrTA R&D program over the course of the next year during which approximately 130 dedicated machine days will be available for experiments. Individual sessions will focus on electron cloud build-up and mitigation studies, low emittance tuning, low emittance instrumentation, and electron cloud beam dynamics studies at low emittance. A final session will be devoted to looking at how the results obtained by mid-2010 are to be incorporated into ILC damping rings design.

There will be no registration fee for this workshop. On the evening of June 25th we will have a dinner cruise on Cayuga Lake for which there will be a $38 fee. For those who stay through Saturday June 27th, there will be a Physics Open House held during the afternoon at Wilson Laboratory. This is one of our major outreach events of the year and all are welcome to join us.


Organizing Committee:

  • D. Bougie
  • G. Dugan
  • M. Palmer
  • M. Roman
  • D. Rubin
  • M. Wesley