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ID7B2 training for CHESS operators

Best personnel for training: Bill Miller and Dave Schuller (as of 2022-03-30)

1) Identify and locate major pieces of equipment
Data collection workstation
Experimental table
- Sample position - goniometer, PHI and XYZ motors
- Upstream optics: slits, attenuator, ion chambers, shutter, CRL
- Beamstop
- Primary centering camera, LED lighting, foam backlight reflector
- Cryostream, annealer
Detector, Eiger2 16M on motorized cart that sets detector distance
Shield to protect front of detector (pneumatic)
BAM-2 automounter (when in use)
Diamond anvil cell on separate table (when in use)
Location of SEARCH buttons - left rear, right center

2) Software
Location of MacCHESS menus on chess_id7b2@id7b2 desktop
Major components:
- ADX - main data collection software
- CrystalCentering - Viewing mounted sample, centering in Xray beam
- MCBAM2 - Automounter interface
- HutchTV - webcam viewer
- Adxv - viewing of diffraction images
Best procedures for stopping, restarting components
Adxv diffraction image viewer comes up with bad settings

3) Detector - won't save images
Shutter already open?
Detector status LED - how to check
Where instructions are for restart

4) Detector distance
Setting distance in the ADX software
Location and use of jog buttons
Light curtain - how it works, location of indicator LEDs
Min distance -check for stray cables, cryostream clearance, etc.
Homing det distance

5) Motor controller
Galil 4080
Separate from CHESS Xray optics controllers
Controls PHI rotation, XYZ translation, Det distance, shutter, annealer
I/O with ADX is found in ccd_bl_cm window, ~chess_id7b2/bl.log file

6) Xray optics
my_quick_align - routine SPEC optimization of table position
attenuator - how to set in SPEC or ADX, how to physically verify setting
Shutter - operable from SPEC or ADX
Ion counters:
- I0 after attenuator,
- Icol at end of collimator,
- I2 after collimator (when in position)

7) NoMachine issues
Who has privilege to perform tasks (Dave, Marian, CLASSE IT)
How to file CLASSE IT ticket

8) Spycam (PTZ camera)
Login - specuser
Preset positions
How to PTZ

9) Automounter stuff (BAM-2 = Berkeley AutoMounter model 2)

a) Basic operation
Need to avoid thawing sample
Path of gripper & robot arm during normal op
Pneumatic controls - gripper open/close, flipper, dewar lid open
Location of sensors
Gripper mounted to robot arm through force sensor
Do not leave items in gripper path or on dewar lid
MCBAM2 control application

b) Layout of MCBAM2 interface
Status panel on top
Routine user commands on "User" command panel
- Mount/Block map below
Advanced commands on "Admin" command panel
- Log text window below
Full log files in ~chess_id7b2/src/bam2/MacCam0.log*
- older log files rolled with date

c) How to check lN2 levels
Location of lid opening button
What normal lN2 level looks like
Location of lN2 controller, alarm system, valve

d) BAM-2 power states
How to determine state (Red,Yellow,Green == Unpowered, Standby, Ready)
Things that cause "Unpowered" state:
- floormat, "LoadPucks" button, force sensor excess reading
If you are working near automounter and it starts to move
- you can unpower it by hitting the gripper.
Restore "Ready" state - location and operation of buttons
Integrate resetting BAM state with searching hutch
Recovering from crash:
- stick around a bit - possible multiple crashes

e) Alignment procedures - on "Admin" tab
Variety of alignments (gripper, gonio, sample plate)
Locxation of alignment probe
"Flying start" alignment procedure
Vacate sample from gonio for Align_gonio
Premount position - how to check, how to set
AtomTest mode - only for experts

f) Checking for sample problems in pucks
What a bent pin, tipped pin, or dislocated puck looks like
Using glass beaker as periscope
Pliers test
Puck loading, unloading, moving procedures
"Recovery" spot where samples are dropped if they can't be placed in Dewar

g) Defrosting gripper
Periodically in use (depends on humidity, ~ once per puck)
If frost buildup during alignment
If frost or moisture buildup during change of states
CHILL to preposition defrosted gripper in lN2

h) Recover from false "Currently mounted" status
Verify state via webcam, laser sensor output, spycam
Relevant interface buttons

i) Blocking positions
How to block and unblock sample positions and entire pucks
why to block - missing pin, tipped pin

j) Override features - on "Admin" tab
Some for convenience (pre-chill, auto-dismount)
Some to continue with fault condition (ChillBypass, LaserGBypass, etc.)
Some just for testing & development

k) Command queue
Queue depth indicator on status panel - deep queue is usually input error
Buttons to Pause or Clear queue on Admin panel

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