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Radiation Badge Mishaps

Radiation badges sometimes get lost or misplaced or mechanically damaged. Sometimes a user mistakenly wears a badge when getting a medical x-ray or traveling by air. You can mistakenly take someone else's badge from the rack or someone else can take yours. Rarely, badges report unusual readings due to damage or other malfunction (in this case, you will be informed of this after the badge has been processed). If anything unusual like this happens to your badge, please notify your supervisor or advisor if you are a Cornell staff or faculty member or student, the CHESS Operator if you are a visiting CHESS user, the CLASSE Safety Director, and the RSS immediately via the online Badge Mishap form (click on the preceding words). (If you were contacted first by someone else of a mishap, please respond via this form also.) It is essential that there be an accurate record of the circumstances and timing of the mishap to whatever specificity you can provide; it is also important that there be a record of your being informed of any problem with a badge. Where and when was the badge lost or irradiated? Do your best to reconstruct your activities on that day so that possible locations can be searched, and any exposures that may turn up later on a lost badge can be understood. If it can be agreed that a non-zero exposure on your badge was obtained while it was not on your possession, or not on the Cornell University campus, then the University's record of your occupational exposure should be corrected, and this form can be used to officially request such an action.

If for some reason the online form does not work, please cut and paste the form below into your email compose window, fill it out, and send it to the CLASSE Safety Director, the RSS, and your supervisor:

alt : BadgeMishapForm.txt
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