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Physical Sciences Building (PSB)

LEPP residents of the third and fourth floors Physical Sciences Building are subject to the safety regulations of both the Physical Sciences Complex (PSC: Baker, Clark, Olin, PSB) and CLASSE.

PSB Safety Onboarding and Getting a Key

  1. All CLASSE/LEPP personnel must first fill out a Safety Onboarding Form (in consultation with their supervisor/advisor/mentor) upon starting work or obtaining a desk, office, or lab space (see the buttons in the top bar above for links to pdf and online versions). This form will likely be processed within one or two business days. One part of this process is the assignment of safety trainings in CULearn.
  2. In order to obtain a key to any CLASSE/LEPP PSB space, one must have first completed all assigned safety trainings.
  3. DESKWORKERS (those who will not enter in any PSB laboratory space) shall then fill out the top of the first page of the deskworker-specific key form and follow the instructions on it to obtain a pdf of their CULearn transcript. Deskworkers must submit the form and an electronic or paper copy of their transcript confirming training to Katerina Malysheva in PSB 455. They will then receive a brief safety orientation from her. Katerina will complete her portions of the form, which will then allow you to obtain a key from Tracy Davenport in PSB G72.
  4. LABWORKERS (those who will enter one or more laboratory spaces in PSB) shall book an appointment with the LEPP GSR (Zachary Huber) for a safety orientation and completion of a labworker-specific key form. Labworkers must submit an electronic or paper copy of their CULearn transcript (instructions) to the GSR at or prior to the in-person orientation. After the orientation each labworker will take the completed labworker-specific key form to Tracy Davenport in PSB G72.

General PSB Safety Information

The PSC has its own Safety Manager, Keane Leitch (121 Baker, 5-8773), and procedures. Safety in the PSC is communicated via Group Safety Representatives (GSRs) for each research group. The GSR for the LEPP group at PSB is Zachary Huber.

Instructions on CULearn are located here. Please click there for a walk-through of what to expect when taking CULearn trainings. Further information on CLASSE training is here.

New LEPP residents of PSB who have a CLASSE appointment/Guest Agreement must also fill out an online Safety Onboarding form with their supervisor. Those who work in a lab (not deskworkers) must take CLASSE 912 - CLASSE Safety Orientation and associated quiz (online) in CULearn. These two requirements do not apply to TA's who are not getting paid by CLASSE.

All those with a CLASSE appointment/Guest Agreement must take the CLASSE 902 - CLASSE Health and Safety Basics online training in CULearn.

Warning: to get to some of the web pages linked to on this page, you must have your CLASSE id and password. If you don't know what yours is or forgot your password, contact the CLASSE IT group by clicking here to send email.

All chemicals and compressed gases in the PSC must be entered into the PSC chemical inventory system upon appearance in PSB and upon disposal. See the LEPP GSR for more information.

End of Physical Sciences Building
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