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#BadgeMishaps %TWISTY{ id="SH_RadSaf_Mishaps" prefix="" mode="div" showlink="Radiation Badge Mishaps" hidelink="Hide Radiation Badge Mishaps" }% Radiation Badge ...
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\ CHESS Associate Director \ CHESS Chemical Rooms Katie Moring 4 4930 \ Backup Dana Richter 4 122...
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Chemical Safety #ChemicalOverview Chemical Overview OSHA "Right to Know" and Lab Chemical Safety laws require all employers to provide information and training t...
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Expand all Collapse all %TWISTY{ id="SH_WebHome_TOC" mode="div" showlink="Table of Contents" hidelink="Collapse Table of Contents" }% CLASSE Safety Handbook %T...
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Electrical Safety Material here is for general electrical information only. Additional training and authorization is required before working on high voltage/power...
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Emergency Numbers * An Emergency is a situation that requires immediate police, fire, or medical response to preserve life or property. The Cornell Police disp...
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Compressed Gas Safety Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Many of the compressed gases used at CLASSE can be hazardous. While most gases are used in areas equipped to...
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General Safety #WellNess Wellness Cornell recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance and actively supports the health and well being of...
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Glossary \ accelerator id="accelerator" \ an apparatus that accelerates elementary particles to higher energies. At Wilson Lab, this usually refers to the lin...
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How to Use this Handbook This Handbook not only has internal links for cross referencing terms and concepts (including links to entries in the Glossary), but also...
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Laser Safety #LaserOverview Laser Overview Working with a laser requires the EHS Laser Safety Training and orientation by the CLASSE Laser Safety Officer. Anyone...
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Laser Safety Officer Adam Bartnik 5 4150 \
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Cornell University Health and Safety Policy Cornell University strives to maintain a safe living, learning and working environment. Faculty, staff, students, a...
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Pregnant Workers and Radiation Exposure Because the human fetus has rapidly dividing cells and is highly sensitive to ionizing radiation, pregnant women should pa...
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Radiation Safety Quick links to forms: * To request a permanent badge, fill out this online form. * To report a badge mishap, fill out this online form. ...
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Scope of Handbook This CLASSE Safety Handbook is for the use of employees, faculty, students, and visitors of LEPP and CHESS during their work in any of the CLASS...
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Signs Sounds Under construction. If the meaning of any of the signs and labels below is unclear, please ask your supervisor or the Safety Director.
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