internal package Foswiki::Configure::Bootstrap

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internal package Foswiki::Configure::Bootstrap

Inspects the system and makes guesses for the settings required for an operational Foswiki.

workOutOS - Establish the OS and DetailsOS

These settings are saved into the configuration. However this method is made public so that they can be set when missing from older configurations.

StaticMethod setBootstrap()

This routine is called to initialize the bootstrap process. It sets the list of configuration parameters that will need to be set and "protected" during bootstrap.

If any keys will be set during bootstrap / initial creation of LocalSite.cfg, they should be added here so that they are preserved when the %Foswiki::cfg hash is wiped and re-initialized from the Foswiki spec.

StaticMethod bootstrapConfig()

This routine is called from Foswiki.pm BEGIN block to discover the mandatory settings for operation when a LocalSite.cfg could not be found.

StaticMethod _bootstrapSiteSettings()

Called by bootstrapConfig. This handles the {Site} settings.

StaticMethod _bootstrapStoreSettings()

Called by bootstrapConfig. This handles the store specific settings. This in turn tests each Store Contib to determine if it's capable of bootstrapping.

StaticMethod bootstrapWebSettings($script)

Called by bootstrapConfig. This handles the web environment specific settings only:

  • {DefaultUrlHost}
  • {ForceDefaultUrlHost}
  • {ScriptUrlPath}
  • {ScriptUrlPaths}{view}
  • {PubUrlPath}

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