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Structure of site

Here is a depiction of the planned structure of our site. Each directory corresponds with a TWiki web, and therefore may have its own set of permissions. Furthermore, each web may have its own unique navigational items.

|  |--APSAAPT/
|  |--CLEOCESRSymp/
|  |--ECLOUD10/
|  |--ERL09/
|  |--HOM10/
|  |--JournalClub/
|  |--MC4BSM/
|  |--MachineReview/
|  |--PadamseeRetirementCelebration/
|  |--Photocathode2012/
|  |--ParticleTheory/
|  |--StringCosmo11/
|  |--EPP/
|  |  |--CMS/
|  |  |--CLEO/
|  |  |--CDF/
|  |  |--ILC/
|  |--AP/
|  |  |--CESR/
|  |  |--SRF/
|  |  |--ERL/
|  |  |--ILC/
|  |--TPP/
|  |  |--CIHEP
|  |--REU/
|  |--Computing/
|  |--DesignServices/
|  |--Safety/
The wiki version of this structure is then:
|  |--EPP/
|  |  |--CLEO/
|  |  |--CMS/
|  |  |--ILC/
|  |--AP/
|  |  |--CESR/
|  |  |--SRF/
|  |  |--ERL/
|  |  |--ILC/
|  |--Theory/
|  |  |--Phenom
|  |--DesignServices/

Included Files

Layout and Styling

  • FreeSkinStart = css for every page
  • FreeSkinBanner = heading banner (CU banner & horizontal links) for every page
  • FreeSkinPosTopic = footer for every page
  • HomeMenu = main left-hand navigation for every Home page
  • ResearchMenu = main left-hand menu for every Research Page
  • EducationMenu = main left-hand navigation for every Education page
  • PublicationsMenu = main left-hand navigation for every Publications page
  • ResourcesMenu = main left-hand menu for every Resources page
  • The following pages should appear in every directory
    • FreeSkinPreTopic = title for every page in that directory
    • FreeSkinMenu = secondary left-hand navigation for every page in that directory

Content includes

Content Supervisors

We will eventually want a "Content Supervisor" for the following areas / responsibilities. Note that in many cases it makes sense for one person to serve in both roles. This supervisor will be in charge of the items listed below, as well as all top-level pages in their area. Supervisors may appoint Content Providers as they wish, but they must maintain the group members and restrictions for their web.

Presentation Supervisor - Jeanne Butler
Oversee the design, layout, and style of the LEPP web site.
Web Supervisor
Oversee the top level of the LEPP website including the "Home" Left navigational bar and all included pages (Jobs, visiting, News, ...)
Research Supervisor
Oversee the main Research page, including the left-hand nav-bar for all Research pages
CLEO Supervisor
Oversee CLEO pages.
ILC Supervisor
Oversee the ILC pages
CMS Supervisor
Oversee the CMS pages
CESR Supervisor
Oversee the CESR pages
SRF Supervisor
Oversee the SRF pages
ERL Supervisor
Oversee the ERL pages
Theory Supervisor - Csaba Csaki
Oversee the Theory / Phenomonology pages
X-ray Supervisor
Oversee the X-Ray pages
Education Supervisor - Lora Hine
Oversee the Education pages, including the lef-hand nav-bar for all Education pages
Resources Supervisor
Oversee the Resources pages, including the left-hand nav-bar, and the top-level pages (Documents, Useful Links
Publications Supervisor - Jeanne Butler
Oversee the Publications pages
Computing Resources Supervisor - Devin Bougie
Oversee the Computing Resources pages

Technical Supervisor - Devin Bougie
Server Administration, including software, hardware, and security

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